Supreme Chefs is an Association registered with The registrar of Societies Dated 13th June 2016 Certificate No 48211. Supreme as an association wants to build a platform to nurture up and also coming chefs through interactions with seasoned chefs and collectively grow together to promote diverse culinary skills within the East African region and beyond.


  • To create a platform for growth and development in the culinary world


  • Working together with all stakeholders in the culinary industry within the east Africa region, uplifting and bettering chefs skills
  • by encouraging and promoting our culinary diversity and various stages of culinary exposure. Objectives
  • Create an interactive platform in the hospitality industry within the East African region by 2017and beyond the region
  • Continuously create a link between the upcoming hoteliers and the industry.
  • Build a platform annually for hoteliers to showcase their skills
  • Grow the culinary skills within the East African region.
  • Promote our indigenous African sourced and grown ingredients in our cusines through skill executions.
  • Putting Kenya as a culinary hub ensuring Kenyan Chefs get International accolade
  • Laying a professional foundation to up and coming chefs through numerous activities that are in our action plan which include Chefs clinics, workshops, forums, demonstrations, motivational talks cum career talks to student chefs and chefs competitions among other activities
  • Working with the Government of Kenya to make policies that will help Kenya meet international Culinary Standards.
  • Giving back to the Society by doing Charitable works.

Our Member are 615 Chefs from all positions in the Kitchen Brigade Hierarchy coming from different Hotels and Institutions. We also have Culinary Arts Students (Students Chefs) from various Hospitality Institutions. It is our future goal to fully incorporate Hospitality Training Institutions in Kenya in our pursue to realize our Ultimate goals in the Hospitality industry by having Students register as they enter the colleges and be able to work and network with the Association at an earlier sta ge.

We have since our inception done some various activities and worked with different suppliers in product development, branding and Marketing, Media Houses and we are still in talks with international companies which offer hospitality service products and have their offices here in Kenya. We are working hand in hand with South African Chefs Association and Also Academy of Chefs in some Chefs activities in Kenya and Africa with time.Long term is to Work with Like-minded Chefs Associations in exchange programs.

Some of the activities done include the following:-

  • Career Talks with IHTI students.
  • We Held a Supremes Chefs Challenge 2016 where we had may chefs participating and the Winner had a Chance to go to South Africa for a two week stagierre program in various five star hotels in Johannesburg.
  • We have been involved in consultative meeting in reviving and involving Nestle Professional Kenya in Chefs activities and planning a lasting plan of action.
  • We have partnered with Citizen Tv Power Breakfast Show to have a  slot Every Monday for Members of the Association whereby they get a chance to be aired on TV with any of their food they are making and to showcase themselves too.
  • We have our longtime partner Sheffield Steel Systems who through the Association is giving a platform for the members to visit the show room and also learn the operation of various Kitchen Equipments.
  • We have done Chef meetings and Forums to spearhead agendas for the Association.
  • We visited Samaritan Childrens Home on the 20th October 2016 and donated food stuffs and help clean the entire home plus cook for them.
  • We did a  Cook out at Sheffield steel systems from 25th-29th October having our own stand(Chap Chap)
  • Many activities are in plan in terms of chefs challenge 2017 and Pizza Challenge.

We have Our Second Edition of Supreme Chefs Challenge 2017 plus a Pizza Challenge that we intend to do   towards the end of this year and it will be ideal if we both partner towards the project. More details will be communicated once we have finalized with our suppliers.


Thank you and Kind regards. For Supreme Chefs

Chef Joseph Macharia  0720840280

Chairman Association of Supreme Chefs Kenya

Chef Timothy Angwenyi (+254710803747) Public Relations Chef